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Sponsor Ziyarat Trip (SVC) to students

Sponsor the deserving students who cannot afford the life-changing Al-Asr SVC and ziyarat trips.

The SVC Project, Serving the community since 1993

The Short Vacation Course (SVC) is a summer course for youth to Iraq and The Islamic Republic of Iran. It was started with the objective of giving our youth a more suitable environment to learn their religion. Our experience has shown that whilst living in some countries in the West it is often difficult to acquire moral values of Islam.

What you can donate?

These are the items which can we need to complete the goal of cause. The maount on left us breaked down in the follwing list for your ease to donate towards this noble cause. You can donate one or more than 1 itmes from the list below. If you like to donate desired amount you can check the panel on right.

Accepting Donations
Sponsor Iran Ziyarat
Accepting Donations
Instructor’s Gift
Accepting Donations
Sponsor Iraq Ziyaraat
Accepting Donations
Sponsor SVC trip




Donate as you likeClick the currency in which you want to donate and enter the desired amount for this cause.

Donation ItemsScroll down and donate the specific needed items for this cause.

Donate on time; Monthly or Yearly

Help us by small or big amounts, but monthly and consistent and don’t stop the continuous charity. By clicking the desired amount from mentioned currencies you’ll be subscribed to a monthly donation plan. If you want to donate yearly or you want to subscribe with any other amount, please contact us by clicking here.

Registrations Closed! for the 29th Anuual Al-Asr SVC, Summer 2022.

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