Al-Asr was founded in 1985 as a scholastic research institution in London, UK. This charitable organisation is headed by Maulana S. M. S. Sabzwary and is committed to promoting education in religious, social, moral and cultural values within society.

The objectives of Al-Asr are to establish scholastic and research institutions, conduct educational seminars, publish literature, arrange educational tours and support other charitable institutions.

Al-Asr’s philosophy, is to learn about Islam and to unite people by propagating Islam in accordance with the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) and his family without causing offense.

Al-Asr invites non-Muslims to the Islamic faith, protect and promote the religion, and provide guidance for pilgrims to the holy sites. The organisation supports mosques, Muslim centers and supplementary Islamic schools. Various services are provided such as the flow of charity to the deprived, youth and study circles, marriage guidance, training skills, exhibitions, awareness of drugs, solving adolescent problems, lectures on current issues and cultural activities.

Al-Asr Scholastic Research Establishment London UK

Al-Asr has conducted trips to France, Scotland, Iraq and Iran for young people. The Al-Asr Short Vacation Course (SVC) to Iran has been running since 1993 and since 2009 it has also been going to Iraq. These tours are designed to introduce young people to new cultures, history and a new way of life. Although the tours are tailored around education, there is plenty of scope for social activities.

Al-Asr Education and Community Centre, Woking, Surrey, UK

Al-Asr Education and Community Centre is an educational establishment situated in the heart of Woking. This independent centre provides educational and religious activities for the local community. The centre consists of a library, lecture rooms and a mosque, which offers a focal point for the whole community. Due to high demand, Al-Asr purchased a second building in 2006 and made plans to increase the services offered to a wide range of audience.

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