Application for USA

What do I need to apply?

  1. A scan of your passport
  2. A scan of a formal passport size photo
  3. Form of online payment

Application Form

  1. Complete application form online Online Registration
  2. Print and complete one copy of Iraqi Visa Form for Americans
  3. Print and complete one copy of Iranian Visa Form for Americans (101)
  4. Print and complete two Reference Request Form by adding your name, address and contact details; then ask two Shias to complete the reference form. The Shia who provides the reference should be (i) resident alim, or (ii) community leader, or (iii) prominent community worker.


  • Photo dimensions must be 3.5cm x 4.5cm.
  • Ladies must observe the Islamic dress code (hijab) in photographs.
  • Background color should be white.
  • Filesize of the photo you upload should be less than 500 KB.

Send By Post

  1. Payment US$1,650 (Excluding International Flights)
  2. Five passport photos (three for Iraqi visa and two for Iranian visa)
  3. Passport (valid for minimum of six months with at least four blank pages)
  4. Visa forms (that have been completed)
  5. Two reference forms (that have been completed)

What happens next?

  1. Al-Asr will contact you to complete an assessment
  2. Al-Asr will inform you whether your application has been successful or not
  3. Al-Asr will confirm the final price & take payment
  4. Al-Asr will apply for your visa
  5. Al-Asr will purchase your ticket
  6. Al-Asr will provide departure and return information
  7. Al-Asr will provide induction information

What should I do?

  1. Make a list of what you want to achieve in the trip
  2. Read inductions information
  3. Read about the holy personalities in Iraq and Iran
  4. Learn some Arabic and Farsi phrases
  5. Start packing a few weeks before the trip

Notes for USA students:

  • The cost for USA students is approximately US$3,000, which should be paid with the application or as soon as possible and no later than the last day of April.
  • A deposit is required upon registration.
  • Students must be in full uniform when they meet the group at the airport.
  • Travel Insurance is optional. If required then the student should arrange their own.
  • Age restriction is 16-25.

Application Deadline: 28 April 2019

 Al-Asr SVC Director in USA
Ifrah Hyder
105 Windsor Drive SE,
Sammamish, WA 98074, USA
Home: (425) 392 9433
Cell: (425) 443 5106

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