Al-Asr SVC – Ten Year Plan

Year Start Iraq-Iran End
2013 Sun 7th July 2013 Tue 16th July 2013 Sun 11th Aug 2013
2014 Sun 6th July 2014 Tue 15th July 2014 Sun 10th Aug 2014
2015 Sun 5th July 2015 Tue 14th July 2015 Sun 9th Aug 2015
2016 Sun 3rd July 2016 Tue 12th July 2016 Sun 7th Aug 2016
 2017  Sun 2nd July 2017  Tue 11th July 2017  Sun 6th Aug 2017
 2018  Sun 1st July 2018  Tue 10th July 2018  Sun 5th Aug 2018
 2019  Fri 5th July 2019  Tue 17th July 2019  Sun 11th Aug 2019
 2020  Sun 5th July 2020  Tue 14th July 2020  Sun 9th Aug 2020
 2021  Sun 4th July 2021  Tue 13th July 2021  Sun 8th Aug 2021
 2022  Sun 3rd July 2022  Tue 12th July 2022  Sun 7th Aug 2022
  • Start: date the group travels from London to Iraq. Usually, the group arrives in Iraq early hours of the following day.
  • Iraq to Iran: date the group travels from Iraq to Iran. Usually, the flight is from Najaf, Iraq to Mashad, Iran.
  • End: date the group departs from Tehran, Iran to your home country.
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