Building Project in Woking

Al-Asr is building a new triple storey complex for religious, social and educational activities in Woking. In an effort to raise £1,300,000, We appeal to you for a few thousand pounds of support for this noble project inshallah. May Allah grant you a palace in Paradise inshallah.

The Holy Quran says in Surah Al-Hadid (57:18): “For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a noble reward.”


Al-Asr has received written Ijaza (permission) from the following Grand Ayatollahs (Maraja-e-Taqleed) for the use of Khums on this project:

  • Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei
  • Ayatollah Sayed Ali Hussaini Sistani
  • Ayatollah Bashir Hussain Al-Najafi
  • Ayatollah Mohammad Ishaq Fayaz


We thank you all who have generously given from their hearts to this noble cause and may you continue to help this great Islamic mission. We are in need of donations and you can kindly submit your khums, zakaat, sadaqah, charity and donations to the Al-Asr organisation. This opportunity has provided you a chance to become closer to God and receive his happiness. Thank you for contributing to this continuous charity which will assist you in grave and on the day of Judgement inshallah. Click here to find out how you can donate.