Short Vacation


Don’t miss a chance of a lifetime to visit the holy mausoleums of our beloved imams (as) in Iraq and Iran on the Al-Asr Short Vacation Course.

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Education Course


Our short courses in English are rich in Islamic education and designed to highlight the practical elements of Islam to the Muslim youth

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Values in Society


Our skilled teachers and volunteers committed to promoting education in religious, social, moral and cultural values within society.

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Unite People


Al-Asr’s philosophy is to learn about Islam and unite people by propagating Islam in accordance with the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) and his family.

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Summer trip to Iran & Iraq It'll blow your mind.

The Short Vacation Course (SVC) was started with the objective of giving our youth a more suitable environment to learn their religion. Whilst living in some non-Muslim countries it is often difficult for us to acquire Islam moral values. This trip take our children to a more healthy and Islamic environment to let them get touch with and learn more about their religion.

Kids Madrasah in Woking Come see for yourself.

In 1995 Al-Asr established a madrasah in Woking, Surrey, UK. The madrasah is for children aged six and above. The academic term runs from September to July every year and classes are held throughout the week. The madrasah is headed by Hujjatul Islam Dr Abbas Naqvi.


Hussainiya in Woking serving the community.

In 2006, Al-Asr purchased a building on Goldsworth Road in Woking, which provides social, educational and religious activities. Al-Asr independently provides educational and religious activities for the local community. Woking is famous in the UK as it accommodates the oldest mosque in Britain, built in the late 1900’s.

Woking Hussainiya