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Madrasah Imam Al-Asr

118 Goldsworth Road Woking Surrey GU21 6NR UK

Madrasah Imam Al-Asr was established in 1995 in Woking, Surrey, UK. The madrasah is a Sunday school for children aged five and above. The academic term runs from September to July every year and supplementary classes are held throughout the week. The madrasah includes a library, lecture rooms and a prayer hall.

The Background

Al-Asr Education and Community Centre is an educational establishment in the heart of the Muslim community of Woking. Al-Asr independently provides educational and religious activities for the local community. Woking is famous in the UK as it accommodates the oldest mosque in Britain, built in the late 1900’s.

Al-Asr began work in Woking in 1995 to comply with the needs of the community. In 2000, the organisation purchased a building for educational and community activities. An extensive renovation program was undertaken. In January 2001, the Al-Asr Education and Community Centre was formally inaugurated. An Eid & New Year Party was held to mark the official opening of the centre. Al-Asr had an opportunity to express its hospitality to the local people, local government and the Al-Asr helpers and supporters. The event was attended by guests such as Cllr Mrs Mehala Gosling – Deputy Mayor of Woking Borough Council, Mr Jerry Kirkby – Superintendent of Police and Ayatollah Syed Fazil Milani – Dean of the International Colleges for Islamic Studies, London.

The Eid & New Year Party became an annual event attracting hundreds of people from Woking and surrounding areas. This interfaith and inter community event has brought together people of different faiths, cultures and ideologies. This helps promote harmony within society through education in religious, social, moral and cultural values. The events have been attended by special guests including the Mayor/Deputy Mayor of Woking, the MP of Woking, Superintendent of Police, local councillors, priests from local churches and leading Muslim clerics from the South East.

In 2006, Al-Asr purchased a second building on Goldsworth Road in Woking to satisfy the local demand for our social, educational and religious activities. Also in 2006, a project was initiated to raise funds to improve the second site to meet the medium and long term requirements of the community.

Al-Asr provides a variety of social, educational, religious and cultural services for the community. Throughout the year there are classes, lectures, sermons, social and religious activities. Particular attention is paid to the education and development of the youth.

New Students 16-19 yrs
20 Males & 20 Females
SVC Alumni 18-25 yrs
20 Males & 20 Females
Young Couples
25-35 yrs
0 hrs
Duration Class
with Q & A



Relevant Topics

Trained Teachers

Sundays10 am - 1:30 pm

20Per child per month

Age 5-17For boys and girls

6.00Per textbooks

Application Process

The application process is in-person and candidates should visit and be interviewed by teachers.

*Discounts are available when registering more than 1 child.

Application Deadline24th Sep 2023


For more details, information and queries on Al-Asr Online Course 2021, we are available on WhatsApp and email. 

Remind one another, meet one another, and discuss with one another, for surely discussion (& narration) is the polish of the hearts.