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Welcome to Al-Asr

The aim and ambition of Al-Asr is to spread knowledge of the Ahlul-Bayt (A) in order to promote the Islamic cultural and social values all over the world.
To accomplish this important goal, we require your moral and financial support.

Syed Muhammad Sabzwary
Chairman Al-Asr

Our Motto

Striving for Education & Cultural Awareness

Since 1985

Annual Al-Asr SVC 2024

The Short Vacation Course (SVC) is a summer course for youth to Iraq and The Islamic Republic of Iran. It was started with the objective of giving our youth a more suitable environment to learn their religion. Our experience has shown that whilst living in some countries in the West it is often difficult to acquire moral values of Islam.

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Online Courses

Our interactive classes will offer students the chance to see a more robust presentation of their religious tradition, allowing them to engage with its most profound teachings.

What our students say about us?

Since 1993 the SVC has been held annually and thousands of youth have participated from United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Not only do the youth learn about Islam, they both feel it and they live it. Many hearts are humbled at the tombs of the Imams (as), many are moved at the shrine of Hazrat Masuma (sa), many a tear falls at the cemetery of martyrs in Tehran (Beheshte Zahra).

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Latest Updates

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