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Al-Asr Iraq provides the educational, cultural and medical services to deserving people around the world. We facilitate students and locals in Iraq, as well as the pilgrims who visit the shrines in Najaf and Karbala. These are only possible through financial support from momineen.

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An Overview

Al-Asr is a non-profitable organization, which is committed to promoting education in religious, social, moral and cultural values within society. The objectives of the organization include establishing scholastic and research institutions, conducting educational seminars, publishing literature, arranging educational tours and supporting other charitable institutions.

Since 2003 we are working in the Republic of Iraq, we have built and running a high-quality infrastructure to facilitate the students, pilgrims, and locals in the field of education, culture, and medical welfare. Our mission is to become the leading provider of education, medical and pilgrimage welfare services in the Karbala Moalla, Najaf Al Arsharf and Masjid Sahla Areas.

Our primary mission is Striving for education and cultural awareness, while ensuring the healthy wellbeing of the Students, Pilgrims and local Iraqi Community,

To carry out these tasks and fulfill the valuable needs of society, Al-Asr reaches out to you to come forward and donate for the noble Islamic cause. One of the best ways to help in the completion of our projects is to pool together our physical and financial resources and invest in our hereafter (Akhirat) and the future of the deserving people. We urge all our brothers and sisters to help us in the noble cause of educational, cultural and medical welfare of the Muslim community around the globe.


TransparencyInternal and external audits

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Khums Utilization Permit

Al-Asr through its chairman, Maulana Syed Muhammad Sabzwary has the ijaza (khums permit) from the leading Maraje' (Ayatollahs) to collect and utilize Khums for some of its projects.

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The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said
The Philanthropists are Alive even if They Die!
Three things continue to reward a person even after his death; death on the true path, an act of charity, and a good son who prays for him.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said
Charity gives you shade on the Day of Judgement!
Each person is in the shade of his charity till people are judged...
Convincing for charity is same as doing charity!
If you convince someone to give charity, you will get the same Thawab, this is because you will be the reason of him doing good. This means you may die and still someone will be there to pay charity on your behalf.
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Causes to donate

Our welfare projects

Following our the latest projects in UK and Iraq, which are in operation and your financial help is needed to complete them in time without any delay to facilitate the locals and students in the fields of education, culture and medical.