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Covid & PCR Policy

Annual Al-Asr SVC

Alhamdulillah we are happy to announce resumption of Al-Asr SVC. Due to the Covid pandemic we had to conduct the courses online in the years 2020-2021. Alhamdulillah we resumed the in-person SVC in 2022. Due to the situation of the pandemic, we have put some policies in place to effectively manage the trip for the participants. These policies will be strictly enforced for the benefit of all participants and organizers.

Covid Vaccine

PCR Test



Rapid Test Kits

  • The age range of participants will be 18-25.
  • All participants should be fully vaccinated. The definition of fully vaccinated is subject to the official definition which may include taking the booster dose as well.
  • All participants must take a PCR test before departing for the trip. If the test comes out positive, they should cancel their trip. The airlines will not allow checking into a flight otherwise. The cost, if any, of the PCR test is borne by the participants and is not part of the SVC package.
  • All participants are advised to buy airline tickets which are refundable in case the travel is canceled due to COVID. These should also be changeable in case their return is affected by quarantine requirements.
  • All participants are advised to get travel health insurance, as applicable.
  • During the entire trip, Al-Asr will provide masks, sanitizers, and rapid test kits. However, the participants are encouraged to bring their own masks, sanitizers, and (if possible) rapid test kits.
  • PCR tests will be required when leaving Iraq for Iran. The cost of this PCR test is included in the ground package. However, if anyone tests positive, medical costs associated with treatment and quarantine will be borne by the participants. An Al-Asr supervisor will stay with those required to quarantine till they recover.
  • Returning home from Iran will also require participants to take a PCR test. The cost of this PCR test is also included in the ground package.  If anyone tests positive, they will have to quarantine themselves till they recover. Again, all medical expenses related to the treatment as well quarantine will be borne by the participants. Any costs associated with the flight changes are also the responsibility of the participants.

Application Process

The application process is different for each country. For more information on how to apply, costs and contact details check out the application process for your country

United Kingdom
United States
Rest of the world

Application Deadline31st May 2023

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What our students say about us?

Since 1993 the SVC has been held annually and thousands of youth have participated from United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Not only do the youth learn about Islam, they both feel it and they live it. Many hearts are humbled at the tombs of the Imams (as), many are moved at the shrine of Hazrat Masuma (sa), many a tear falls at the cemetery of martyrs. In this series, they are saying about their experiences.

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