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Sponsor Ziyarat + Educational trip for deserving students
Sponsor the students who cannot afford the life-changing Al-Asr SVC and AOC programs and send students for ziyarat.
Help us in providing education and skill training to families
Support Al-Asr in educational and skill development workshops for Hawza students and their families in Najaf
Support Hawza Students and locals
Help the Hawza students and localsin the seminary of Najaf & Qom financially by your Khums and donations every month.

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Amount spent on educational, cultural and medical projects since 2003

Welfare Services in Najaf, Iraq

As a registered NGO in UK & Iraq we are serving the community in their educational and cultural needs. Your donations are the only source of supporting our work. Please donate generously. May Allah accept your efforts and donations.

Coming Soon!

Free Educational & Skill Development Workshops

Coming Soon!

Free Educational & Skill Development Workshops

SadaqahHere you can donate the desired amount of Sadaqah and charity

Sadaqah SubscriptionWhile donating you can check monthly to takeout sadaqah of your desired amount every month

Donate as you like

Click the currency in which you wish to donate and enter the desired amount. This will be considered as general donation to Al-Asr Projects.

Donate on time; Monthly or Yearly

Help us by small or big amounts, but monthly and consistent and don’t stop the continuous charity. By clicking the desired amount from mentioned currencies you’ll be subscribed to a monthly donation plan. If you want to donate yearly or you want to subscribe with any other amount, please contact us by clicking here.

Woman holding lots of coins
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said
The Philanthropists are Alive even if They Die!
Three things continue to reward a person even after his death; death on the true path, an act of charity, and a good son who prays for him.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said
Charity gives you shade on the Day of Judgement!
Each person is in the shade of his charity till people are judged...
Convincing for charity is same as doing charity!
If you convince someone to give charity, you will get the same Thawab, this is because you will be the reason of him doing good. This means you may die and still someone will be there to pay charity on your behalf.

Religious Dues

You can help us by paying your religious dues like fitra, kaffara and Khums here. Al-Asr through its chairman, Maulana Syed Muhammad Sabzwary has the permit from the leading Maraje’ to collect and utilize Khums for some of its projects.

Khums (Whole)

Sehme Imam (as) Only

Sehme Sadaat Only

Offline Donation

Some of our donors who prefer to donate offline by bank transfer or cheque, They can do so as we have mentioned the details below for their convenience. We thank you for your kind support in advance.  There are three ways to make further donations:

What our students say about us?

Since 1993 the SVC has been held annually and thousands of youth have participated from United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Not only do the youth learn about Islam, they both feel it and they live it. Many hearts are humbled at the tombs of the Imams (as), many are moved at the shrine of Hazrat Masuma (sa), many a tear falls at the cemetery of martyrs in Tehran (Beheshte Zahra).

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