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What our students say about us

Testimonials are written or recorded statements that support your credibility and level of expertise. They also strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in you and your business offerings.

Thank you so much to the entire Al-Asr team for conducting these classes. Sincerely appreciate all the the effort and time taken. Alhamdulillah I have gained so much from each lecture and scholar. Jazakallah Khair
Sakina Abideen
AOC 2021 - SVC Alumni Course
As-Salaamu Alaykum, Thank you everyone for this blessed program, may Allah (SWT) bless everyone who made this possible.
Hasan Hamdani
AOC 2021 - New Students Course
Jazak’Allah to all the Al Asr team, the lectures were very relevant and gave deep understanding to the areas covered. I enjoyed them highly and made lots of notes that will benefit me in the future iA 🤲🏼.
AOC 2021 - SVC Alumni Course
Thanks to u as well to create such an effective program n put ur efforts towards it.
Samin Akhtar
AOC 2021 - New Students Course
Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the entire Al-Asr team, may Allah (swt) bless you all iA. Alhumdulilah this platform was and always has been a true privilege to gain knowledge of the Ahlulbayt (a.s) and InShaAllah I pray we continue to do so.
Lubna Batool
AOC 2021 - SVC Alumni Course
Salam alaikum respected ulema and all the organisers of and in this wise group. I would like to personally thank you all very much for organising such an amazing, invaluable and extremely formative 3 weeks course. Despite the difficulties with the pandemic, you have all worked extremely hard to make it possible for us to get together and meet other wonderful individuals and learn from each other as well as learn collectively in the most humble and beneficial of ways. May allah and ahlulbayt and imam al zaman accept all your hard efforts and work and reward you all immensely and we and I genuinely appreciate everything so much. Jazakum Allah kheir for everything and I definitely will be looking forward to joining and carrying on this spiritual journey with and amongst you all every time and whenever there is an opportunity. May allah grant us all the acceptance and grant us more. It was an utmost pleasure and alhamdulilah always for such blessings. God bless you all always🙏🏻 Khuda hafiz, fi Amanillah.
AOC 2021 - New Students Course

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