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New Students Course, AOC 2021

Mon-Thurs12th July - 29th July (Except Arafa & Eid Day)

1 hourClass in a day, with Namaz break if needed

07:00Pacific Standard Time

10:00Eastern Standard Time

09:00Central Standard Time

15:00British Standard Time

* Scroll down for the detailed class schedule of each group

40Spots Available

20Students in each class

12 hours3 Week Course

US$ 60Fee/ Student

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What you'll learn in this course?

You will learn to see Islam through a new lens. As the saying goes, Islam is not just a religion – it’s a way of life. You will learn what Islam says about knowledge, and how to obtain it.  The classes will also teach how to make the Islamic belief system (Aqaid) practical in one’s life.  We have a class on establishing a connection with the Quran, how to refrain from sinning and finally on what Islam has to say about – selecting our careers.

Instructor: Maulana Haider S

At a time when there is easy access to information, opinions, news and fake news, it is important to know what it means to possess actual knowledge. This class will examine verses of the Quran and hadith from the Ahl al-Bayt (a) to give us an Islamic worldview to parse through information, knowledge, and wisdom. From the Islamic perspective, we want to know what it means to truly know.

Instructor: Maulana Haider S

The modern project of democratizing information through blogs, wikipedia, and social media has underscored the importance of understanding how to source knowledge, and differentiate it from mere opinion or scattered data points. In the Islamic tradition we have a methodology to ensure knowledge in its truest sense is being obtained. This class will study that methodology and offer practical solutions for the challenges we face today in acquiring knowledge.

Instructor: Maulana Haider S

In the Islamic shahadah there is as not only negation (لَا إِلَٰهَ) but there is also affirmation (إِلَّا ٱللَّٰهُ). As such, for Muslims the purpose of critical thinking is not simply to breakdown ideas or to reject false beliefs, but it is in pursuit of truth and in accordance with reality. This class will examine important tools for critical thinking, cognitive biases, explore the limits of various types of rationality, and finally offer examples from modern culture to highlight the importance of aligning thought with the demands of our spirits.

Instructor: Maulana Haider S

Is religion a product of cultural evolution? Is it a political movement? Or is it simply an ideology? Various religious and philosophical movements have offered their take on what it means to use the label ‘religion’. From the Islamic perspective this class with explore the relationship between individual and religion, religion and culture, and religion and society to better understand the actual role of religion in everyday life.

Instructor: Maulana Muhammad Naqvi

God and tawhid is the absolute of our religion. He is our beginning and end. Everything we have goes back to God. But how much do we really acknowledge God? Is He just “a god”, to me? A theoretical, abstract concept that I’ve just tentatively agreed to? Or is He my God? The one who leads me, guides me, supports me … is everything for me?

Instructor: Maulana Muhammad Naqvi

Why do I have to believe in a specific religion? What is it that makes Islam something that I should believe in? Why do I need it and what makes it different? Why would God, the creator of literally everything, care about what I eat or drink?

Instructor: Maulana Muhammad Naqvi

Yes! I graduated. I got a job. I bought a car. I have a family. I’m healthy. I pray. I went for Hajj. But am I successful? What does success mean to us? And what does it mean in God’s eyes? What are the criteria for success? How does everything else in our lives relate to those criteria?

Instructor: Maulana Muhammad Naqvi

Who are the ahlulbayt, and what does it mean to ‘love’ them.  Has Allah (swt) clearly defined this for us in the Quran?

Instructor: Maulana Hussain Zaidi

What is the Quran? The Quran is amazing but how can I build a relationship with it? What are the different kinds of relationships with the Quran? one is the physical one. What are the others and how do we build them?

Instructor: Maulana Hussain Zaidi

Why were we created? What is our goal in life? What are some of the obstacles we face in order to reach perfection? Can we overcome them? If so, how?

Instructor: Maulana Hussain Zaidi

What is a career? Does Islam have any say in what career I should choose? What are my personal, family and social responsibility? Making the right choice at the right time is the key. What are some of the common pitfalls when choosing a career.

Class Timings

Timings are mentioned in Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, etc), Eastern Standard Time (New York, Toronto, etc), Central Standard Time (Chicago, Houston, Dallas etc) and British Standard Time for the UK.

07:00 PST
08:30 PST
09:00 CST
10:30 CST
10:00 EST
11:30 EST
15:00 BST
16:30 BST

Interactive Sessions

Gender Segregated

Relevant Topics

Learned Teachers

Application Process

The applicants will fill out the on-line application. They will be given a set of questions which they would have to answer. 

Application Deadline10th July 2021


For more details, information and queries on Al-Asr Online Course 2021, we are available on WhatsApp and email. 

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