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SVC Alumni Course, AOC 2021

Mon-Thurs12th July - 29th July (Except Arafa & Eid Day)

1.5Hour class in a day, with Namaz break if needed

07:00Pacific Standard Time

10:00Eastern Standard Time

09:00Central Standard Time

15:00British Standard Time

* Scroll down for the detailed class schedule of each group

40Spots Available

20Students in each class

18 hours3 Week Course

US$ 60Fee/ Student

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What you'll learn in this course?

The Al-Asr Online Alumni course is designed for students who have attended Al-Asr SVC and have completed the basic level classes.  The aim of these classes is for the students to take the next step in their Islamic knowledge which will help them practically overcome the challenges which they face in their daily lives.  This year’s classes will focus on self-building and understanding what is the ideal Islamic society and how we can be contributing member

Instructor: Maulana Sayyid Ali


1. Foundations

Understanding we are travelers on this earth, Importance of Self-Building, Setting Priorities, Mentors, Balanced life


2. Fraternity

Importance of the company you keep: who to spend time with, who to avoid.


3. Focus

Focusing on self-improvement, not fault-finding; controlling one’s tongue; controlling one’s desires.


4. Freedom

Thinking before you act; giving people the benefit of the doubt; freeing oneself from materialism and other modern chains.

Instructor: Maulana Sayyid Zeeshum


1. The Individual and Islamic Society

Every society, by its very definition, has a give and take relationship with the individuals which it comprises of. To be within a society requires one to give up some individual freedoms and presumably gain some sort of benefit. But how does Islam view this relationship? Is the individual primary and the society secondary? Or vice-versa? How does it all fit in to the larger scheme of struggling on the path towards God?


2. The Family and Islamic Society

Undeniably, the fundamental building block of Islamic society is the family. The institute of marriage and child upbringing has been given extreme importance within Islamic teachings. But one might claim, that’s just common sense! What is it that makes an Islamic family a well-shaped and formed piece of the larger Islamic society?


3. Wilayat and Islamic Society

We hear about wilayat all the time. As soon as we hear the word, we think about our great Imams (as). If we have been fortunate enough to go for ziyarat, we might even picture their beautiful shrines. However, despite how commonly repeated the word is, how much have we really understood about the concept? And beyond that, what does it mean for me today, right now?


4. The Ideal Islamic Society

Putting all the pieces together. What does the ideal Islamic society look like? Where does it start and where does it take one? What would various economic, social, and political structures look like? And what does that all mean for me and…

Instructor: Maulana Raza Rizvi


1. Knowing Myself (Insan Shenasi)

Description Coming Soon.


2. The way towards ‘Kamal’ (excellence)

Description Coming Soon.


3. The big divide 

The difference between Islamic and western anthropology.

Description Coming Soon.


4. ‘The Modern Man’

Description Coming Soon.

Class Timings

Timings are mentioned in Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, etc), Eastern Standard Time (New York, Toronto, etc), Central Standard Time (Chicago, Houston, Dallas etc) and British Standard Time for the UK.

07:00 PST
09:00 PST
09:00 CST
11:00 CST
10:00 EST
12:00 EST
15:00 BST
17:00 BST

Interactive Sessions

Gender Segregated

Relevant Topics

Learned Teachers

Application Process

The applicants will fill out the on-line application. They will be given a set of questions which they would have to answer. 

Application Deadline10th July 2021


For more details, information and queries on Al-Asr Online Course 2021, we are available on WhatsApp and email. 

Registrations Closed!

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